Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Time for a Tea Perty! um Party!

I actually mistyped "perty" for "party" - but I left it that way because this Hazel Atlas glassware sure is purty!

The instant I set eyes on this fabulous aqua set I wished I had a magical cottage where I could gather my friends for fairy tea parties. (Alas,  my household is not delicate-dish-friendly!)
This set consists of four complete place settings, 24 pieces in all. It is currently residing at my favorite vintage co-op store, The Mill Property Antiques, although not in the particular corner spot where I display my things.
I love-love-love being part of a vintage co-op because every time I stop in to fluff up my section or to work on the sales floor, I am delighted by interesting and beautiful "new" items like this. I can visit and admire them without taking them all home. My home is already full to overflowing, which is why I have this friendly spot to sell my treasures.

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