Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanks for Blog Hopping In! My Love Affair with Jewelry is Blossoming RIGHT NOW!

--->>   This is the Very First Blog Hop of the Very First B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Design Challenge!
--->>   At the very end of this post you will find the Full List of Participating Designers and all of our Blogs.
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Now to introduce myself:
I'm Jennifer Merrill Williams, Jewelry Designer and Lifelong Artist.

This luscious photo I concocted for my Etsy shop, LoveBeadz,  illustrates my love of jewelry design and vintage  treasures.

My earliest memory of jewelry is spending hours at age six or so, sorting through a small travel case filled with tangled 1960's plastic multistrand beaded necklaces. I was in the  Zone!
As I grew up, my Mom took me along when she volunteered at thrift shops, instilling in me an appreciation of vintage costume jewelry. (Some salvaged bracelet components from those days still live in my stash.)

 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Mom lived in Baltimore, where I got my first taste of ancient and antique jewelry, visiting with her at The Walters Art Museum. I've since spent hours in the Museum's online Gold, Silver and Jewelry Collection. (Above: Lalique's "La Source" Pendant and Necklace, circa 1902, from the Museum's collection.)

Through the years, I added to my vintage jewelry collection, first for personal use and more recently for resale or redesign. Living in New York City, I found my treasures in thrift shops and flea markets. Once I even bought a fabulous Weiss pink rhinestone brooch from a man who walked up to me on the sidewalk! (At the time I knew nothing of designers, I just knew it was a must-have!) A roommate snapped the above photo of me styling in my collection. Below is some of my collection of beaded necklaces on display for sale.


  ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I was fascinated by the wide variety of handmade jewelry sold by New York City street vendors. Of course I couldn't buy everything I fell in love with! One fateful day, a vendor who was a Viet Nam veteran showed me how to make beaded earrings. Immediately I was hooked.

Since then, I've collected a zillion beads, tools and jewelry components. I've taken courses in metal working, enameling, fabricating jewelry using ancient techniques, and creating with precious metal clay. I've sold my both my own creations and vintage pieces through direct sales, commissions, street fairs, parties, co-op stores and online.

My vintage costume jewelry collection has grown around certain themes such as multi-strand beaded necklaces made in Japan, Hong Kong and West Germany. But I have never developed my identity as a jewelry designer in such an organized manner.
 My LoveBeadz jewelry designs tend to be one-of-a-kind, with the occasional series of pieces using similar colors and materials, such as the Valentine's Day earrings above. When displayed together, the variety of styles and colors can feel chaotic. 

B'sue Boutiques

When Brenda Sue Landsdowne announced B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Design Challenge, it was a LIGHT BULB MOMENT I am now on a mission to design and create my first official LoveBeadz jewelry line - a cohesive collection large enough for a customer to browse  for just the right style, size and color among similar-themed pieces. The Build A Line Challenge is incubating LoveBeads' very first Spring Collection.

  ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

So What's My Line Already?
This blog post will not reveal exactly what I am developing for my first LoveBeadz jewelry line, but here are my inspirations and a sneak peek at some key design elements.

Ok, I'll give you a freebie: I'm kicking off my line with NECKLACES!

(No I did not make these.) 
I'm inspired by.....the style and elegance of vintage multi-strand beaded necklaces...

... with their multiple colors and materials in a harmonious color range.

 Fabulous high-quality metal filigree adding richness, depth and detail to the designs. Now filigree is gorgeous - one of my favorite inspirations - but here's a hint: My line won't use this much!  I'm carefully choosing from B'sue Boutiques' rich variety of filigree beads and components  in the sizes, color and finishes to complement my bead designs.

Finally, I looked at my personal jewelry collection. I keep the necklaces that I actually wear displayed in my room on this bulletin board that I painted with acrylics. I asked myself, what costume jewelry do I wear the most? When do I wear it? For what purpose am I most likely to buy a piece of jewelry for myself?

At that moment, my design focus switched from myself to my customer! For me, that 's what  B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Design Challenge is all about.

Now, Dear Reader, after all these  tantalizing hints, I wonder what image of LoveBeadz' new jewelry line you are developing? I'd love to hear from you!

Stay tuned - follow this Blog - I promise you 
More will be revealed!
Thank you again from Moi!
- Jennifer Merrill Williams, LoveBeadz Jewelry Designer -
 for hopping onto my Blog, Artists of All Stripes


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Renaissance Woman Lands on a Challenge!

The Build A Line Design Challenge with B'sue Boutiques has captured my imagination!

All my life I've been a "natural artist." Since childhood, I've been able to create spontaneously with any techniques and materials presented to me.
    I have a photo of myself at two years old painting egg cartons with a little neighbor.
    My Grandma Anna taught me how to embroider and I threaded her needles
            (That's the two of us in the photo.)
Over the years I've expressed myself in painting, drawing, writing, singing, making beautiful things.
I always keep a camera in my bag, just in case I see something like this at the shopping center when stopping for coffee. 

Was it coincidence that I won tickets to my first ever Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire from the 96.1 FM Radio SOX Wake-up Crew? (Hint: Everything in this outfit I found around my house.)
My love affair with jewelry began way before a New York City street vendor taught me to make beaded earrings with wire hooks.
Stay tuned - follow this Blog to see what has inspired my
Lifelong Jewelry Love Affair!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blog Post : NEWS FLASH! Stay tuned.................

Yours truly, the Divine Daydreaming Dilletante, is actually
~~~~~~~  { drumroll } ~~~~~~~~~
 I've been accepted into the Build A Line Design Challenge
Stay tuned - follow this Blog! - to see what inspired me to