Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspiration Source: VINTAGE SHOPS

Vintage shops have always sparked wondrous creativity, imagination and fun for me. Their random, fabulous, quirky offerings fill my creative well with exciting images and ideas.

You don't even have to leave your computer!
Check out this site for The Best in Vintage Online.
My favorite "bricks and mortar" vintage shop is The Mill Property Antiques in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, the heart of picturesque Amish Country. The very first time my husband and I found ourselves there while on an adventurous Sunday drive, we snagged a booth of our own where we now sell our vintage treasures.

The love of vintage things can quickly lead to a house overflowing, so collectors like us often turn to selling. By participating in a vintage co-op, we became part of a community of dealers who have been generous with helpful advice. We get to spend quality time every month communing with fabulous old stuff without having to bring it all home.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Time for a Tea Perty! um Party!

I actually mistyped "perty" for "party" - but I left it that way because this Hazel Atlas glassware sure is purty!

The instant I set eyes on this fabulous aqua set I wished I had a magical cottage where I could gather my friends for fairy tea parties. (Alas,  my household is not delicate-dish-friendly!)
This set consists of four complete place settings, 24 pieces in all. It is currently residing at my favorite vintage co-op store, The Mill Property Antiques, although not in the particular corner spot where I display my things.
I love-love-love being part of a vintage co-op because every time I stop in to fluff up my section or to work on the sales floor, I am delighted by interesting and beautiful "new" items like this. I can visit and admire them without taking them all home. My home is already full to overflowing, which is why I have this friendly spot to sell my treasures.